Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Tuesday May 1st at 8 PM

Royal Theatre

$75 and up

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Contemporary Dance

Untitled America KYLE ABRAHAM

The Winter in Lisbon BILLY WILSON



Untitled America – Featuring haunting music and raw interviews with ex-convicts and their families, this unflinching look at the impact of the prison system on African-Americans has movement that is “potent and explosive and wonderfully of the moment.” – The New York Times

A new production of The Winter in Lisbon – Billy Wilson’s "heartfelt tribute to Dizzy Gillespie, a riot of color and rhythm” (NY Times), on the occasion of the centennial of the late, great jazz trumpeter and composer.

The Company premiere of Robert Battle's Mass - “The genesis of this work came to me while seeing Verdi’s Requiem. I found myself utterly absorbed in the intricacies of how the choir moved as a unit. I began creating the movement you will see by deconstructing the chorus,” explains Mr. Battle. Performed to John Mackey’s percussion score.

The Company premiere of Robert Battle’s Ella – “Those in search of sheer bravura hijinks will find it in Ella, in which a pair of dancers try to match the manic virtuosity of Ella Fitzgerald, as heard in her mind-blowing recording of ‘Airmail Special.’” – Chicago Sun-Times

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Michael Jackson, Jr. Photo by Andrew Eccles

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