MusicFrequency Saturdays : BOOM feat Tyger Dhula, SCOTT W. , Mr Moe

Saturday February 24th at 10 PM until 2 AM

Copper Owl

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Victoria's weekly intimate underground club night. TYGER DHULA (Cobblestone Jazz) Tyger Dhula is responsible for the loops and sampling side of Cobblestone Jazz, the Vancouver three-piece bringing the spirit of improvisation and jazz to techno. The band, made up of Dhula, Mathew Jonson (bass & drum programming) and Danuel Tate (live keys, vocals), have been particularly busy recently, releasing a string of singles and an album (23 Seconds) in 2007, but they’ve actually been playing together since the late nineties, not only in Cobblestone Jazz but in other Wagon Repair collaborative projects such as The Modern Deep Left Quartet (with The Mole) and Dante & Dhula. While Jonson and Tate are responsible for the techno and jazz sides of Cobblestone respectively, Dhula’s role is a little more mysterious. With a background...

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