FilmSea Blind

Monday January 22nd at 8:45 PM


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Sarah Robertson & Bernice Notenboom · Canada · 2015 · 61 mins · Not Rated

"As consumers we have become used to the cheap and quickly delivered goods from around the globe, we are 'Sea Blind' to the serious consequences of shipping our stuff" - Co-director, Sarah Robertson.

99% of everything we buy comes to us by ship. Ships bring us food, clothing cars, and our electronics. It is the vehicle of global trade. No shipping, no globalization. Because of their size and the immense amount of fuel they burn, ships belong to one of the most polluting industries in the world. Ships are allowed to burn the dirtiest fuel on the planet.

While the film informs about little known practices and the weaknesses of the shipping industry it does not point fingers of blame. We are all implicated! Consumers, supply chain operators, energy producers, bunkering facilitators, ship owners are all part of the problem.

The issues raised in the film are relevant to policy fields not only in shipping but also environmental sustainability, endangered heritage and the future of energy.

Sea Blind has proven to be helpful in aiding a cross sector conversation initiate by international policymakers, NGO's and industry management. The conversation is happening NOW!

–Arctic Bear Productions


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