MusicThe Return 3rd annual Twin Peaks Evening In Mirrors, COLD CREATURE, Hush Hush Noise, Consumer Report, Paper Street Theatre

Friday February 23rd at 9 PM

Copper Owl

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}}Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.{{ Were you shocked and horrified by Twin Peaks: The Return? Then join us for an evening to relive it all again! The Fiji Mermaid and Cabaret Voltaire Diversions Presents THE RETURN 3rd Annual A TWIN PEAKS EVENING Featuring Twin Peaks themed sets by In Mirrors > Vancouver project with ties to Twin Crystals and Shearing Pinx, plus sharing space with The Chromatics on Italians Do it Better. In Mirrors will be where pies go to when they die! Consumer Report Instrumental synth dream scape with ties to Psychosomatic Itch, that gum you like is back in style! Hush Hush Noise Local ever changing fusion project of Eric Hogg and Lily Fawn, as dark as moonless night! ...

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