FilmHochelaga, Land Of Souls

Thursday May 17th, 2018 at 9 PM


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François Girard · Canada · 2017 · 100 mins · 14A

François Girard, one of Canada's most accomplished filmmakers (Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, The Red Violin) has tackled his most ambitious project to date — a grand fresco on the history of Montreal that spans 750 years.

A sinkhole opens during a football game in a downtown Montreal stadium, revealing long-buried artifacts beneath. Archeologist Baptiste Asigny (Samian) and a research team believe they are on the brink of linking the site to the Iroquois village of Hochelaga, the probable location of the meeting between Jacques Cartier and the Iroquois people in 1535. Weaving together past and present, the film visits and revisits Hochelaga through the centuries. Girard takes us back to the arrival of Cartier (Vincent Perez) and its violent disruptions; to the turmoil of the Lower Canada Rebellion in 1837; to a pioneering moment in neurology in 1944.

Girard's grand cinematic scope is matched by the precision and intimacy of his mise en scène. As a storyteller, he offers a kaleidoscopic take on history that prompts timely reflection on the role of origin, identity, and place in shaping the soul of a nation. --Toronto International Film Festival

“A SPECTACULAR AND STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT!” CinemablographerCast Samian, Raoul Max Trujillo, Vincent Perez

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