FilmThe Young Karl Marx

Monday May 28th at 7 PM


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Raoul Peck · France · 2017 · 118 mins · Not Rated · German & French with subtitles

The history of the world may be the history of class struggle, but the history of class struggle — at least the decisive chapter chronicled here — turns out to be a buddy movie. Marx (August Diehl), a scruffy journalist, and his sidekick Friedrich Engels (Stefan Konarske), a renegade rich kid, meet in Cologne, Germany, in 1844 and overcome some initial wariness by bonding over their shared contempt for the Young Hegelians. (Man, those guys are lame.) By the time the revolutions of 1848 are ready to happen, Marx and Engels are the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the European left, rock stars for an age of revolution.

Scrupulously faithful to the biographical record, “The Young Karl Marx,” directed by Raoul Peck, is both intellectually serious and engagingly free-spirited….The great virtue is its clarity, its ability to perceive the way the eddies of personal experience flow within the wider stream of history.

--The New York Times

“Makes this kind of brainy content bracing and dramatic.” Los Angeles Times“Raoul Peck (“I Am Not Your Negro”) is on a roll.” RogerEbert.comCast August Diehl, Stefan Konarske, Vicky Krieps

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