FilmAt Eternity’s Gate

Monday January 28th at 9:15 PM


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Julian Schnabel · Switzerland, UK, France · 2018 · 112 mins · PG

GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE: BEST ACTOR -- WILLEM DAFOE There have been plenty of films about Vincent Van Gogh, but none as evocative and affecting. Julian Schnabel’s extraordinary film features a monumental, career-best performance from Willem Dafoe as the tortured Dutch artist. Schnabel, renowned as a painter in the way Van Gogh never was in life, wants to get inside the head of this tormented artist and make us see what he sees, as though we’re living his life and not just watching it.

At Eternity’s Gate is a ravishment of the senses, capturing the gorgeous play of sunlight on flowers, wheat fields and anything that else that seized Van Gogh’s attention. It’s also a study of the agony Van Gogh endured in his final years (he committed suicide in 1890 at 37), mad with talent and his own violent delirium.

Though the film begins in Paris, where even his supportive brother Theo (Rupert Friend) can’t alleviate his despair, Van Gogh soon heads south to Provence, encouraged by fellow artist Paul Gauguin (a stellar Oscar Isaac), who tells him that’s where the light is at its most glorious. It’s in the small town of Arles where Van Gogh — in a burst of creative energy — completed 75 paintings in 80 days. “Every time I look, I see something I’ve never seen before,” he says….Schnabel and Dafoe make you feel it in your bones. And that, no question, is an artistic triumph.

--Rolling Stone

"Dafoe fully commits to his performance, as does Schnabel to the painter's vision and humanity." Chicago Reader"By adamantly focusing above all else on van Gogh’s work — and its transporting ecstasies — Schnabel has made not just an exquisite film but an argument for art." New York TimesCast Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Oscar Isaac

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