FilmThey Shall Not Grow Old

Monday April 15th at 7 PM


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Peter Jackson · UK/New Zealand · 2018 · 100 mins · 14A

With his haunting and vibrant new documentary Peter Jackson was tasked by the Imperial War Museum to rummage through their vast World War I archives and present them in a way that speaks to a 21st-century audience. He accomplishes his mission beautifully, bringing the fading past to life with extraordinary urgency.

Jackson and his team digitally restored 100 hours of footage of British soldiers on the Western Front – a harrowing theater of combat. By coupling century-old footage with the voice-over accounts of veterans recorded in the ‘60s and ‘70s, he has come up with a sort of magic trick that hits you in the gut. Nowhere is this feat more stunning than 25 minutes into the film, when the jerky black-and-white images we’ve been watching transition into color. It’s a totally immersive experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

--Entertainment Weekly

“It's a you-are-there time capsule of enormous emotional and historical importance.” Austin Chronicle “A powerful tribute to every veteran and one of the most empathetic portraits of war ever created.” Globe and Mail

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