FilmA Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Sunday February 16th at 7:20 PM


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Marielle Heller · USA/China · 2019 · 109 mins · PG

You might become weepy, in a good way, with what A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood delivers, which is an admirably quiet, challenging and sporadically strange meditation on fathers, sons and the poison that is suppressing your feelings. The story, adapted from Tom Junod’s article for Esquire magazine, focuses not on Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks), but the depressed magazine writer (Matthew Rhys) assigned to profile him. What follows is a back-and-forth between the two men that reveals less about Rogers and more about the people the television host tried to help. Hanks is, not surprisingly, excellently cast, but it’s Heller’s direction and inventive aesthetic instinct – everything is washed out browns, with the exception of a moving blue-lit finale – that sell the work so well. –The Globe and Mail“An absolutely beautiful film expertly acted and directed, with Marielle Heller's pacing allowing silences that give room for nuanced storytelling that has both heartbreak and hope.” Cinema Siren“Hanks gives a rich and subtle performance, he fits the red sweater like he was born in it.” Toronto StarCast Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Chris Cooper

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