Advance Care Planning

Thursday October 22nd at 5 PM until 6 PM

First Metropolitan United Church

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The Yakimovich Wellness Centre and the Victoria Hospice have created a two-part interactive and action-oriented Advance Care Plan (ACP) series to be released in September 2020.
The sessions will be delivered on the Zoom platform. Each session is 1.5 hours.
Please note: Wills and Estates, Power of Attorney and other legal issues will not be covered in these sessions.
Victoria Hospice will offer the ACP series in September (possibly, Fridays September 18th and 25th - time not yet confirmed) and the Yakimovich Wellness Centre website will offer the series in October (potential dates are Thursdays, October 22nd and 29th - the time is yet to be confirmed). After October, the sessions will alternate between Hospice and Wellness Centre - one month Victoria Hospice and next month Wellness Centre.
More information will be available in early September on the websites of the Victoria Hospice and the Yakimovich Wellness Centre (Liz McCarter or phone: 250-370-5688 ext. 34682).
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