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Monday March 20th, 2017 at 7 PM

The Vic Theatre

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Weirdos won Best Canadian Feature at the 2017 Victoria Film Festival

It's 1976 and Kit and Alice are about to hitchhike their way from Antigonish to glamorous Sydney, Nova Scotia to visit Kit's mum (Molly Parker). Two more unlikely looking vagabonds you will never find. On the surface they're both straight-laced, well-combed and full of optimistic smiles. But beneath the middle-class veneer lies their teenage turmoils just waiting to break free. Kit desperately needs to shake off his small town dust and Alice will put up with anything to shake off some unwanted virginity. The road ahead may only be a few short hours of drive time but it's going to take them all weekend to find out who they really are.

Director Bruce MacDonald made his career redefining the great Canadian road with such classics as Roadkill and Highway 61. However, Weirdos is a new direction even for him. Rather than a story of outsiders looking in, the gloriously dorky Kit and Alice remind us of what it means to break out. Combined with a fun and flowing 70s soundtrack and a smart script from iconic playwright Daniel MacIvor, being uncool never felt so good.

Unrated, so Membership Required19+ Event