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Tuesday February 20th, 2018 at 12:30 PM


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Stephen Chbosky · USA · 2017 · 114 mins · PG - violence, bullying. Recommended ages 10+

This is a sincere, unusually thoughtful film in which two attractive parents (Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson) bolster the confidence of their young son, Auggie (Room’s Jacob Tremblay), born with a facial deformity that even his active imagination can’t fully overcome. Auggie, a budding science whiz, is set to start private middle school, a shift that requires him to remove the astronaut helmet he’s worn as a barrier.

R. J. Palacio’s novel on which the film is based is beloved by young people; it’s even taught in schools as a fair-minded entryway into social interaction. Bullies don’t get served so much as given quiet moments to confront their own mistakes. Choose kind (as opposed to right) has become something of a tagline for Palacio’s book—and the movie as well—but that axiom is an oversimplification of the ambition on display here. These kids are choosing right, even if it takes them a while to get there. --Time Out New York

"Jaocb Tremblay is indeed wondrous as Auggie. Chicago Sun-Times"It's a very tasteful heart-tugger." VarietyCast Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, Izabela Vidovic