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FilmThe Old Man And The Gun

Saturday January 19th at 9 PM


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David Lowery · USA · 2018 · 93 mins · PG

In this charming, elegiac heist film, Casey Affleck’s detective makes a gesture to Robert Redford’s titular bank robber, a knowing reference to “The Sting.” The gesture is salutatory, from one actor to another, this being Redford’s final film (so he says). He plays a true-life gentleman crook and prison escapist who has used a smile to steal money the way Redford has used it to make off with our affections. Sissy Spacek plays opposite him: The two veterans share graceful scenes and a gently used luminosity. The pace is leisurely; this is no amped-up police procedural. I love what savvy director David Lowery does with the camera, panning here and there, picking up stray sights and happenings. Top-rate stuff. Background police-radio sounds provide some grit, as does the seventies-style photography and Tom Waits’s face. As for Redford’s genial robber, witnesses to his crimes uniformly said the same thing: “He seemed happy.” That he did. --Globe and Mail “A well-told story brought to life by a beautifully matched cast, The Old Man & the Gun is pure, easygoing entertainment for film fans - and a fitting farewell to a legend.” --Rotten Tomatoes“A gently comic end-of-the-line adventure about doing what you love, the passage of time and the things that might have been.” Los Angeles Times“Redford gives a virtuoso performance that feels like a valedictory. You want to salute him.” Rolling StoneCast Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck