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Wednesday October 9th, 2019 at 9 PM


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Victor Kossakovsky · UK/Germany/Denmark · 2018 · 90 mins · PG · English and Russian with subtitles

Victor Kossakovsky pays tribute to water in all its forms with this documentary, filmed in such diverse locations as Greenland, Venezuela, Siberia's Lake Baikal and the middle of the Atlantic. The latest ravishing visual feast from Russia’s most poetic formalist filmmaker, Aquarela takes a deep dive into watery realms around the world, offering up an experience that can truly be described as immersive. Composed from footage shot with the latest high-tech equipment, this stream of hyper-high-definition images records glaciers, icebergs, mountainous waves, rushing waterfalls and so on to create a cinematic collage that verges on abstraction.

Even though there’s no narration or commentary and the images are accompanied mostly just by crisply recorded source sound, it’s easy to infer an ecological message here. Clearly, the film is extolling respect for the natural world’s majesty, immense power and gob-smacking beauty, leaving viewers to fill in the gaps themselves with statistics about climate change.

Words, however rhapsodic, can’t really do justice to the beauty of the cinematography here. --The Hollywood Reporter

“An experience of shock and awe - as well as wonder”

--Screen International

“A feast of HD imagery so crisp as to be almost disorienting, this is immersive experiential cinema with no firm storytelling trajectory, though viewers can read what environmental warnings they may into its rushing spectacle.” --Variety

“Both gorgeous and terrifying. The shape of water, indeed.”

--Rolling Stone

“The film doesn't preach; it doesn't need to - it's all there for the eye to see. Stunning, emotional and beyond debate.”

--What She Said