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Sunday November 10th, 2019 at 3 PM


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Dexter Fletcher · UK/USA · 2019 · 122 mins · PG


A dizzy, bedazzling biopic that leaves no sequin or fantasy sequence unturned. There’s a lot of Technicolor flair in Dexter Fletcher’s flamboyant study of Elton John — and a beating heart in British actor Taron Egerton’s portrayal of an artist whose prodigious talent was matched only by his personal demons and desperate hunger for love. A musical extravaganza anchored less in the real world than in a sort of glittery jukebox Narnia... This Rocketman is the starry-eyed cosmonaut the part demands, and endearingly human too. –Entertainment Weekly

"A sequin-encrusted delight. On paper it reads like a by-the-book biopic; on screen it explodes with the kind of colour and energy that only Elton John himself could invoke." - Empire

“AN ABSOLUTE GAS!” --Boston Globe

Cast Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard