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FilmThe Song Of Names

Sunday March 8th, 2020 at 3 PM


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Fran├žois Girard · Canada/Hungary · 2019 · 114 mins · PG

Adapted from the award-winning 2002 novel, The Song of Names is a profound, affecting and beautifully told chronicle of faith, family, and the language of music. In the late 1930s, London music publisher Gilbert Simmonds (Stanley Townsend) agrees to take in Dovidl Rapoport, a 9-year-old Jewish violin wonder from Warsaw. Dovidl settles in with Gilbert, and his fussy son, Martin, also 9. After a rocky start, Martin and Dovidl become close friends. Dovidl’s violin expertise, nurtured by the generously supportive Gilbert, grows through his teenage years. But on the night of Dovidl’s 1951 London concert debut, the now-21-year-old violinist disappears. Flash forward to 1986 and the adult Martin (Tim Roth), now a music examiner, suddenly has reason to believe that Dovidl may have moved back to Poland in 1951. So off Martin begins on a detective-like search to learn what became of the elusive Dovidl. It’s a painful, heartbreaking story that plays out in a series of illuminating and surprising yet inescapable ways. Bring a handkerchief.—Los Angeles TimesCast Clive Owen, Eddie Izzard, Tim Roth