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FilmOnline: Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Wednesday September 30th, 2020 at 1:23 PM


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Peter Cattaneo · Australia/UK · 2019 · 102 mins · NR

Please note: this is an online film that can be rented at any time (not only at 1:23 as our calendar states). 50% of rental proceeds will go towards supporting Cinecenta during COVID-19. Thank you for your support! Watch trailer or rent here
This new INXS doc revives Michael Hutchence's vibrant mystique amidst the band's diminished legacy. The Australian band was one the biggest in the world thanks to its frontman's mesmerizing charisma and moody vocals The documentary "Mystify" — goes a long way to illustrating the greatness of Hutchence and INXS. Written and directed by a friend of his, Richard Lowenstein, the film is understandably heartbreaking, as the narrative arc starts with his childhood and early years and builds to his death. However, "Mystify" avoids sensationalizing Hutchence's life — and, in fact, criticizes the tabloid frenzies that followed his romances — and instead illuminates a more three-dimensional, nuanced view of Hutchence's personality.

Wisely, instead of having people from Hutchence's life as talking heads, "Mystify" chooses to make sure only their voices are heard, which puts the focus on the documentary's visuals: intimate movies of him as a child and adult, including in the studio with INXS and also hanging with girlfriends; vintage concert footage; and touching family photographs. As a result, the documentary keeps the focus on Hutchence's vibrant life and legacy, and mitigates sad moments.--Salon"[A] strikingly original portrait of an enigmatic man." Times (UK)Cast Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Bob Geldof |