I'm shutting this site down. Not as many events are happening due to the pandemic, I want to focus my energy on other projects, and there's another local event listing site now. Stay safe, and hopefully our leaders will make the changes necessary so we can all survive covid and enjoy live events together soon. --Daniel

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Friendship Club

Wednesday January 20th at 1:30 PM until 3:30 PM

First Metropolitan United Church

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The Friendship Club generally meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The club welcomes both singles and couples in the church family. Our motto is "We Care, We Share, We Support Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Many speakers have come and addressed topics related to travel, education, health, fitness and financial planning. In normal times, we go on field trips and picnics around Victoria and occasionally attend live theatre, concerts or go out to dinner. We support our own members with cards and/or flowers during times of sickness or loss. For more information, please contact Marlene Campbellat (250) 382-5954.
Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic we are not meeting in restaurants. Please see below for our meeting plans for July and August. Here are a few points to remember if you would like to join us:
• We would gather around 11:30 am. This is a come and go event for however long you feel comfortable
• Because of social distancing, we are not able to offer rides
• Washroom facilities may not be available, or may be limited
Long-time members and new friends are welcome. For locations, call Marlene Campbell at (250) 382-5954.

[Photo: Picnic at Esquimalt Gorge Park, July 2020]