I'm shutting this site down. Not as many events are happening due to the pandemic, I want to focus my energy on other projects, and there's another local event listing site now. Stay safe, and hopefully our leaders will make the changes necessary so we can all survive covid and enjoy live events together soon. --Daniel

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MusicCanUs and Friends

Sunday February 7th at 1:30 PM until 3 PM

Hermann's Jazz Club

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CanUS & Friends is a group of Victoria’s most revered traditional jazz musicians and sharing that wonderful genre of New Orleans Jazz,& Blues with you. On the trumpet is Alfons Fear, well known to fans and the legend clarinet & tenor virtuoso Al Pease at his side. Giving the rhythm back-up are the music veterans Joey Smith on bass, Avram McCagherty on banjo & vocals and Toni Blodgett also singing and of course, tickling the ivories!

You can donate directly to the musicians and this venue at ArtsOnView.ca/Donate