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North Park grocery hamper program

Thursday April 8th at 8 AM until 2 PM

First Metropolitan United Church

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First Met is pleased to be partnering with the North Park Neighbourhood Association on a weekly grocery hamper program on Thursdays.
This program provides weekly grocery hampers made up of donated and purchased produce, dairy, eggs, bread and non-perishables and distributes them to households throughout North Park and downtown with the help of amazing volunteers.
If you would like to participate as a volunteer to support this project, please email Sarah Murray or call 613-888-2106.
Volunteer roles are as follows:
Pick up donations of bagels at Mount Royal Bagel and bring to First Met Church
- 8 am Thursday morning
Pick up donations at Mustard Seed and bring to First Met
- Volunteer to be at Mustard Seed at 9 am on Thursdays and drive contents to First Met directly after
- address: 808B Viewfield Road
- vehicle and ability to lift heavy boxes required
Sort donations and build hampers at First Met Church
- includes sorting produce, portioning bread donations, filling hampers, labelling paper bags, organizing hampers for delivery drivers, using rolling cart to take hampers out to parking lot for delivery drivers
- 9 am-12 pm, Thursdays
- maximum 3 volunteers (plus Sarah) will be scheduled in the hall at a time
- volunteers strongly recommended to wear a mask, hand sanitizer provided
Delivery drivers to deliver grocery hampers
- 11 am-2 pm, Thursdays
- typical route is made up of 5-8 addresses, and takes about 1 hour; hampers can be picked up at First Met between 11 am-1 pm
- drivers receive a map and phone numbers of recipients
- volunteers strongly recommended to wear a mask
- please bring your own hand sanitizer, or let Sarah know if you need some
- vehicle and ability to lift 10 pounds required
Some of these roles can be combined. For example, pick up donations and sort hampers. Or, sort hampers and deliver!
A weekly commitment is not required. A schedule can be worked out to suit your availability.